Russian Soldiers kill a child every6 hours...
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I want to thank you and your fellow representatives for your continuous support of the brave Ukrainian people fighting against Russian aggression. American leadership and Ukrainian courage have rekindled my hope that nations can still come together to support shared ideals against brazen imperialism and evil.

In the face of Russian atrocities and Ukrainian progress it is imperative that Ukraine receives all of the tools necessary to achieve victory. Every day we and our allies delay providing Ukrainians with ATACMS, modern aircraft and tanks, means more Ukrainian suffering. The recent lighting counter-offensive demonstrated just how efficiently Ukrainians apply the military aid provided by allies. Ukraine will win — the question is only when and how many lives this victory will cost.

Empowering Ukrainians to defend their homeland is morally and pragmatically the right thing to do. I ask that you act as my voice in Congress to ensure Ukrainians finally receive ATACMS, modern aircraft and tanks. provides a thorough explanation for why this weaponry is imperative now.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is an act of evil that cannot be reasoned with nor appeased — it can only be defeated.

Sincerely, [YOUR FULL NAME]

My name is [YOUR FULL NAME], and I am a community member who resides and works in your district.

Finally, the United States Congress has voted for the lend-lease for Ukraine! First of all, I want to thank you and your fellow congressmen for your continuous support of the brave Ukrainian people that are fighting against Russian aggression. Despite the fact that US is ramping up military aid to Ukraine, I would like to stress several points:

1) Type of military aid needed in Ukraine

Ukraine is suffering great losses due to the fact that they don’t possess rocket artillery that can accurately strike Russian military targets behind enemy lines (supply depots, munition storage etc). USA has this type of weaponry and it is called - Multiple Rocket Launch Systems, specifically - M270 or M142 Himars. I urge you to do everything in your power to provide these weapons to Ukraine. The United States of America must do everything in its power to minimize human casualties in Ukraine.

The rest of the weapons that are desperately needed are listed on the following website - It was created by Ukrainian volunteers, entrepreneurs and military experts.

2) Urgency

It takes a lot of time from the announcement of the new military aid package, to actually deploying these weapons on the battlefield. We must act now. Every single day we delay - hundreds of lives are being lost.

The crimes against humanity committed by Russian forces in Mariupol and Bucha must be stopped! We shouldn’t just stay aside, when a crazy dictator is ordering his troops to massacre innocent women and children, we must act!

Empowering Ukrainians to defend their homeland is morally and pragmatically the right thing to do. I ask you to sign a letter that your colleagues in Congress have already sent to the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, urging him to increase military aid to Ukraine ( )

Please, #MLRSForUkraine & #ArmUkraineNow!

Sincerely, [YOUR FULL NAME]


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